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Its time to make a better you and we are here to help. Whether you are looking to switch career paths or upgrade your internal platform, Softcom has the career IT training you need to succeed. Softcom, offers IT training giving you the flexibility to learn anytime. In our robust course catalog you will find anything from Microsoft Office, windows, SQL server training, all CE & IT engineering subjects, BCA subjects, MCA subjects , cisco and other certification training. IF the specific vendor is not listed, please contact us to check availability.



Stay ahead of the technology curve by giving your workforce the tools they need to succeed through Corporate IT Training. The market has entered the digital age and it is time your organisation follows. Softcom has the IT training experience and resources to keep you ahead of the competition, serving hundreds of corporations and organisations to date.



Softcom offers IT training for Local government agencies. Our certified IT professionals have years of experience in providing government agencies with cutting edge solutions in both government IT training and IT consulting. Maximize your budget by creating efficiency across any department. Let us help you maximize your workforce productivity through targeted learning objectives designed to solve a multitude of issues that may arise throughout your agency. Plan ahead and take control today.