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About US

SoftCom technologies is a leader in providing IT training services for corporations. Our objective is to meet your learning requirements, with a strong focus on achieving excellence in all your interactions with us. 

Product Areas: SoftCom's leading experts provide authorized hands-on IT training in the latest technologies from leading vendors including Adobe, AutoCad, java, dotnet, Cisco, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

IT Training Formats: We provide training in various formats, including:
» Instructor-led in class
» Self-study formats
» Online training

Our Instructors: Our instructors are the best in the IT training business. The heart and soul of SoftCom, our instructors are active practitioners and true masters in their fields.

Expert Staff: Our expert, helpful staff provides customized IT training solutions to meet your needs with a cost effective pricing structure. Highly Rated IT Training Courses To Advance Your Career Quick Start Intelligence offers a guaranteed-to-run schedule of top quality IT Training courses and certifications from the best instructors at classroom. SoftCom technologies is a leader in IT training, Project Management and Business Skills courses.


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